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The Love Challenge

This is a collection of blogs from January 2020, where the idea was to post one post about love each day, simply to remind us how much love is out there. A lot of times we don't realize it, because we focus on a particular type of love and how we are not getting it, but love is primarily about giving, because when we give it, we feel it ourselves - even if we do not get back what we'd like. Unconditional love is a gift we give not only others - we also give it to ourselves. 

However, we all get stuck at times, so here is a collection, for those times when we don't remember! It is not in order of importance but simply what I thought of on the day. Not everything has to speak to you, but there should be something for everyone!

loving God.JPG
those we care for.JPG
Love for film1 - Copy.JPG
Love for one's parents1.JPG
Love for nature1.JPG
Love for life1.JPG
Romantic love.JPG
Love of wisdom.JPG
Love for adventure1 - Copy.JPG
Love for inventions1.JPG
Love for the strong1.JPG
simple things.JPG
Loving strangers.JPG
Love for home1 - Copy.JPG
Love for the truth1.JPG
Love for friends1 - Copy.JPG
Love for heroes1.JPG
Love for learning.JPG
passionate love.JPG

We hope you enjoyed this collection!

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