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Win-win Mini-course


So you need a new job - series

Watch the free Webinar here!

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The actual win-win course will be delivered in person or online via Zoom or Teams

to order please contact us here.

It can be combined in a bundle with the jobs course on the right (or below on mobile),

which is also available for separate purchase by clicking the order button,

because the jobs course does not only provide a system to help people

to find and work themselves into a new job or career,

but the system that is introduced in the course can also be used to help people adjust

to changing requirements in their old job.


It can also help companies help their employees to reallocate to newly created positions,

and it may even be helpful when launching a new product line!


That means, in some cases, it will be the perfect complement, which is why it is shown together here.

For more information, please contact us here.

Animal-related courses


Idiot's guide to cats picture

How to love and protect your pets
(without the constant feeling you need to
apologize for caring)

Pets course intro pic, showing the cat owning director Petra Lohmeier with a friendly French bulldog

Spirituality and well-being in challenging times

A little bit out of the scope of our current general offering, we feel it may be beneficial for some to include this here, as we found this helpful.

Recent times have brought social isolation, with possible psychological consequences that may impact the health system and business functionality, not to mention people's personal life. Therefore, we added some resources on how to find love and connection in times when it cannot be found through the people around us, and nature and all the other joys life provides can be a big part of this. It is just easy to forget in times when stress send us down the path of tunnel vision.


Love & connection are a vital needs for everyone, without which we cannot function. Challenging times are a temptation to use not so beneficial ways to fulfill or at least deaden this need, but there are more beneficial ways to fulfill it then a lot of us can remember, and than the few sources the media tends to leave us with. This is a clue: most have nothing to do with dating or sex.


Also, different people respond to different things.


This is meant as a reminder of where else we may be able to go to feel fulfilled and happy.

It is a free course meant to benefit anybody we come in contact with.

The first link is a video course, the second link a course to a blog dedicated to the topic.


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The OTHER love course session 5

The OTHER love course session 5

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Pets - Bonus 5 - Getting love

Pets - Bonus 5 - Getting love

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The OTHER Love course - session 4

The OTHER Love course - session 4

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The OTHER Love course  - session 3 - the Analsyis

The OTHER Love course - session 3 - the Analsyis

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