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  • 3-hour business presentation

    How to find win-win situations between business and nature! Available in English or German
    • Strategy Session on Change Management
    • Mindset and Culture
    • Examples of profitable win-win solutions for businesses
    • Complementary access to the G-10 Mastermind Video series
  • New job, new life!

    Change (including to win-win) can mean re-training. Here is a system how to!
    • Unlimited access to the main course "So you need a new job"
    • Bonus - Change Management in Corporations Mini-course
    • Bonus - accompanying book
    • Bonus - 2 free coaching sessions to get you started
  • How to love and protect your pets

    Introduction to win-win at home
    • Bonus 1 - meditation examples
    • Bonus 2 - How NOT to travel with your cat (for cat lovers)
    • Bonus 3 - Trailor for the AOnne
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