Life is about "we"

The future will be what we make it!

Contribution is not just a recent fashion accessory for us. Our senior staff has contributed to the community and various charities for over 40 years - starting with a gymnastics performance of our director as a child in the neighborhood to raise funds for Unicef. Our staff volunteered to sing and perform in old people's homes, helped local farmers to raise plants and bring in the harvest, collected recycling paper to raise funds for charity, volunteered and led a youth group in the local church, contributed weekly donations to "Brot für die Welt" for years, took the bicycle to school and later to university (rather than the car) to protect the environment, volunteered in multiple pet and animal rescue charities, gave multiple rescue pets a home, organised volunteer days for international corporations in local charities, and created a meetup to regularly match local volunteers with volunteering organisations for over 2 years. We still contribute with funds and our time whenever we can.


We live in an unprecedented time. More and more companies are seeing the value in making contributions beyond themselves. For the first time in history do we have so many opportunities, and so much information readily at our disposal. For the first time, industries that reduce our environmental impact are not only up and coming but making massive profits. Entrepreneurs are competing to clean up the environment rather than pollute it, new technologies are used to protect other species rather than destroy them, and we are able to help people on a massive scale never before possible.

We believe in doing our bit, so from this moment onward, 10% of our net profit will be donated to a wildlife, human, or environmental charity.

That is however not all we can do - we can raise awareness of what possibilities are out there! If you have lost your job, for example, or are about to lose it, why not shift to something that is not only your passion, but that contributes to all, humans, animals and our planet alike, if possible?

The below links are ideas of where to look for inspiration on how to contribute to this beautiful planet we all live on, which has sustained and nurtured us until now, and which needs our help to heal! We will add more links to this as we go along but for now see the below!

Enjoy the exploration!