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The AOnne - a story of personal transformation, on various levels, all wrapped up in fantasy story that combines adventure and thriller, with fun, quirkiness, romance, battles, as well as deep philosophy.

What can be worse than finding out that your friends betrayed you? You can lose them all by getting stuck in a world full of aliens, who all hate you because you unleashed destruction onto their home. Jack wasn't having a good day.

Neither did anybody else. Seemingly insurmountable odds force the characters to confront the traumas and conflicts of their lives, interrupted by frantic action but also tender moments of love.
They are helped by an unlikely combination of friends, which ranges from a flying dinosaur, to an intelligent school of carp, to a philosophizing but ever miserable mushroom, and its symbiont, the tree Deanna, with culture clashes that produce hilarious results.

And then there is the soul of the universe itself, which has a mind of its own...



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These are links for specific resources external providers offer that we trust. For some of these, we will be Affiliates (so we make money if you click on the link), and we have indicated where this is the case, but we will only ever recommend those service providers that we found genuinely helpful at an outstanding level. Some are simply providers whom we found very helpful ourselves:

  • Positive Environmental News - our own site. These are examples of news that we have found in the last half year or so, just to give people hope and show how much is happening out there.

  • Business Mastery for entrepreneurs - Tony Robbins

Our system will show you how to identify your dream new career or mission and how to work yourself into it, and that is perfectly sufficient if your next career or mission will involve another employed job.    If you find out in the first 3 "E"s of our system, however, that what you really want to go for is to become an entrepreneur, then our system will still show you how to learn the substance of your new profession, but you also need some training for the vehicle, the container so to speak of your new passion or mission. There are plenty of business programs out there, MBAs, etc., but one of the best and fastest ways we found to get an overview of what you'll need and access to some of the best people in the industry is this program. It is not cheap, but if you can afford it, it may be well worth it for you. If you don't want to go all in with this investment right away, Tony Robbins also provides a number of audio programs, videos, and blogs that you may find helpful in the area you want to get into.

  • New developments - environment, science, AI, robotics, medicine - Singularity Hub​

This is a great Web-site to keep apprised of new developments that are coming, new areas of interest, which can not only help you anticipate the changes that are coming, but may well give you an idea of what you may want to do in future, what your mission really is.​​


  • Competitions to solve the world's biggest problems - Xprize

This is a great site for those who do have some money to spend but were never really fulfilled with what they have been doing until now. Here you will find competitions that will literally solve the world's biggest problems, and if you win, you don't only get the prize, but also likely a chance to develop your solution into a business that could save millions or even billions.

  • Internet Marketing and sales (Affiliate)

This is a great and very affordable program for those who may have been employed before but have decided to become entrepreneurs and are now faced with the challenge of how to market their services online. Most of us who used to be employees never had to deal with the question of how to get clients, unless we worked in marketing or sales, and online marketing is a science in itself. This program provides a great introduction to marketing with world-class training and a method that has been proven to work.