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How to bond to, move, and travel with cats!

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About this product:

Have you ever wondered how to travel with your cat, say to the vet or on holidays?
But you haven't tried it yet, or when you did, it didn't go well?

Have you ever heard sentences like -
"Cats don't really bond to humans like dogs" or
"cats are bonded to the territory and you cannot move with them"?

Like so many sentences repeated over and over again, they have two things in common:
1) nobody knows who came up with them and
2) they are completely wrong if you do things right.

Yes, you can bond to your cat like you can bond to a dog, you just have to treat her differently.

You can also travel with a cat - I know so, because I have done it, numerous times.
However, to make sure it is safe for you and for her, it is important to know and prepare a few things - I learned that the hard way.

It is also very possible to move with your cat.
One of my cats has moved literally moved 8 times now, and that is not counting staying in a caravan, and she is a very happy camper indeed with her almost 19 years!

But again, there are a few things to look out for.

This guide is for those who have not done it before that describes just a few things to look out for!



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