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The Love Challenge - the love for simple things

A lot of times we look for these giant, significant things to love, and they are there, and all around us, but sometimes it can be really useful to notice the little things we love and only really notice when it is missing - some of these things aren't so little either, we notice then. Things like -

the breeze on your face,

the sun on your skin (after an appropriate amount of sunscreen, of course),

the little beetle with the bright colors and wondrous shapes that landed on our table,

the taste of an apple,

the sound of birds,


the gentle rolling of waves, be it at the ocean or a lake,

someone's smile,

our health,

our senses,

a beautiful wild rose on the way,

the smell of flowers when we pass,

a hot shower,

a bath,

a busker singing just the right song when we pass,


running water,

the list goes on and on.

Why not find 3 little things today that you've been taking for granted that really give you joy when you focus on them?

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