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New course! Win-win in Business!

Times have changed, and so have the opportunities in business. What may seem like a bothersome change for many people can be just another way to introduce innovation, and what did Peter Drucker say? He said that Business is innovation and marketing!

There is quite a lot of profit to be found in this field nowadays, allow us to show you how!

We have recorded a free introduction here, which may already give you some ideas.

When you decide you are ready to hear more, we are very happy to present our ideas to you in a live talk, either via Zoom initially, or in your place of business, in a format and length of your choosing and to an audience of your choosing. We can prepare anything from a 17-minute to an hour Zoom introduction session to your management, to a full 3 hours talk to your employees.

If this is a fit for us both, we can then discuss how we can help further, e.g. via workshops with the management or with certain sections of employees, or via the provision of some of our ancillary products, which may aid the company, or certain individuals within the company, to deal with change positively and constructively, so that opportunities are seen and grasped to everybody's advantage.

The free English language introduction is available here.

A free German version is also available here (with a few additional videos).

When you decide you'd like to reach out to us, please contact our management team here or simply go to the "Contact us" section of our Website here:!

We look forward to seeing you!

Kind Regards,

Petra Lohmeier

Senior Managing Director at Nevelle

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