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From employee to entrepreneur

I haven't written anything on this for a while, so I thought I'd share a recent post on Linkedin here:

"On social media marketing - for my sales and marketing colleagues

I haven't posted anything under the "From employee to entrepreneur" series recently, but that doesn't mean I'm not still learning, and there really are some fascinating insights and tools out there.

A couple of them I just got from Russell Brunson, the CEO of Clickfunnels (me and 10s of thousands of other people) -

One of them is, where you can see exactly who is most successful in social media marketing out there in your nitch, so you can go to their Website and see what they are doing in their funnel. This is the link to the site, I went to "Derivatives", as a lot of my ex-colleagues here would be interested in that, not because I want to compete - that's not something I, myself, would sell online:

You can do something similar on Facebook by going to the transparency button at the bottom - it'll take you to all the ads they run.

Another fascinating site is, where you can put in a Web-page and see exactly how they are performing, where they get their traffic from, etc.

I got some quite fascinating insights from it, including the demographic of those who are interested in similar services like those I would sell, and where they get their traffic from. Turns out that Linkedin doesn't even show up in all but one of those analyses, and there it is a tiny fraction... But, it may still be very interesting as an influencing platform.

Also, referrals aren't as big as I thought. And it even lists the search terms that are most often used.

Sales & Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing, isn't even close to as easy as it looks, but quite a few people may HAVE to learn it in the future as jobs will go away, even if just to make a supplemental income or have a bit more as a pension. There are a gazillion different methods, some of them you'll hate unless you are a girly-girl that chats about nothing to everyone all day anyway, some of them that are outdated the second they are taught by those who are successful, and some of what you do may simply be destroyed by the algorithms of social media platforms if you don't do what the algorithm likes - and these algorithms change all the time.

And yet, some of it obviously works, and to see what works for you, what you can actually enjoy, can become a bit of a treasure hunt.

Some people will have an easier time than others. It helps if you are like the people you are marketing to, because then you don't have to figure out how these people think to speak their lingo and address their concerns. It'll be almost as difficult for Einstein to market to the lower part of society, as it will be for someone from the lower part of society to consistently engage Einstein.

Yet, it is a fascinating subject.

Enjoy the links!"

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