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The Love Challenge - passionate love

I almost left this one out - not because I don't think it's important, but because it upsets so many people nowadays, especially in English-speaking countries. 20 years ago it was still a cause for harmless banter, something that created fun and connected people, nowadays there only seem to be two modes for most people (except those few who still remember how it once was, and those need to be darn careful) - either complete rejection outside a very tight set of parameters, or aggressive advances, either passive-aggressive or actively aggressive and oftentimes behind closed doors. The love has gone out of making love, it is just about pure sex now.

And yet, sex is the lowest form of passion. Yes, it creates pleasure, and it can be fun and connect, but only in the body. Making love is one step up, but what it can REALLY be was beautifully described by Master Choa Kok Sui in his explanations to the 9th Chakra and the story of Lord Krishna and the Bramacharya, where Lord Krishna revived the dead baby. At it's best, it is a union like nothing else on earth, an experience that elevates and transcends boundaries, which unites us with the divine, and it can only be achieved through true love. If you know the book I'm talking about, I invite you to read the chapter again, it is truly beautiful and describes it much better than I could ever do.

As to the story of Lord Krishna, the temptation will no doubt be to "adjust the story to today's world", or simply not see those things that don't fit in with our preconditioning, but maybe we'll only scratch the surface of the story then. Maybe it was told like that for a very good reason, and maybe God chose similar men in the Bible, like Solomon and David, not in spite of the way they lived but because there was nothing wrong with it and there was a purpose to it.

It appears to me that in our desire to evolve, be seen, have rights, and be respected, we may have thrown out the baby with the bathwater, and closed ourselves off to good that was meant to come our way, seeing it as threat and evil when in reality it could have been really helpful and a great source of community and joy, while freeing us from the unrealistic expectations today's norms have burdened us with. Sometimes, the pitcher is so large, it takes several glasses to hold its water, and it also takes several glasses to fill it up again when the pitcher is empty and the water is needed. One glass trying to hold it all would burst, and what looks like cruelty in today's eyes may well be kindness and consideration in one direction, and pure survival in the other. Sometimes less isn't more, less is simply less.

Nevertheless, at times when people still come together in real love, it is true bliss and something to be immensely grateful for.

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