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The Love Challenge - the love for nature

What beautiful diversity, what miraculous creatures! No matter where you are, no matter the circumstances, if you have access to nature, it can give you comfort, and joy, and delight, and endless wonder, if you just stop to look at the details. If you haven't done so for a while, just watch children before some of them are conditioned to fear animals, the excitement, the total rapture when seeing kittens play or rabbits hop along, it doesn't even have to be exotic animals - and yet, there is so much more!!

Nature does different things to different people. Some fear it, and that is most unfortunate when without real reason, as so much is missed and so much innocent beauty destroyed. For others, it is merely a trigger for emotions of adventure and variety. But for some of us, nature has a profound spiritual depth, different places "feel" differently, some welcome us, some do not, and it has little to do with the humans living there, although there may be a connection, and oftentimes it seems counterintuitive. But most of the time, it is a place of connection, comfort, and deep peace, and sometimes, it seems like it opens the door to another world, a deeper world of joy and intense love and elevation.

Some of the most profound insights can occur when contemplating nature without distractions. We can open the walls we tend to build to a greater or lesser extent in social environments to protect ourselves and can just feel and connect and be one with the flow.

You'll know when you are in flow rather than on the outside looking in by the way you see animals and they react to you (at least those without trauma). Suddenly you throw out all the books about animal behavior and just see the animal, what it feels, what it fears, what it hopes, whether he or she is in pain or in joyous expectancy, and suddenly communication becomes effortless, as effortless as with a spouse in a really good marriage - you give each other what the other needs, and it is effortless. There is no need to dominate.

You touch a tree and suddenly the tension drains out of you and you feel safe.

The sunset is so beautiful it makes you cry.

You think of Nils Holgersson and geese fly by on cue, reminding you of beautiful times.

Nature can be a lot more than it seems.

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