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The Love Challenge - the love for freedom

Freedom is a beautiful thing, to be able to fly, to soar, to create. The feeling is indescribable.

Freedom is also a paradox.

Sometimes, we believe we need to be physically unattached, without responsibilities, able to do whatever we please to find that freedom, but reality quite often is that too much freedom leads to slavery - the slavery of fear, of a lack of options that seem viable, and too many choices to make that may lead nowhere.

Sometimes freedom comes with an attachment to something, say, a mission, or to someone, because once you know where you belong, you can let go, and enjoy, and merge entirely and then soar from there. You don't have to keep searching anymore but are free to concentrate on other things, and when it all fits, you can even ascend to another level and fly like an eagle in the sky to places that you could never have seen alone.

Freedom, like love, is something we give, and the more we give it, the more we experience it, and nothing can make us feel freer than coming home to the true home we long for, where we have inner freedom, the freedom to let go of masks, to be who we are.

Giving freedom is not always easy - certainly not if we focus on certain expectations of what we think, or society thinks, we should be getting. But sometimes it is the very expectations of society that take our freedom away - even when it seems that society and cultural norms defend us and protect our rights. Sometimes, it protects something at the expense of something much more valuable and more profound.

Wild horses are beautiful to behold - they are free, but they also have a home - just not necessarily the one we picture for them. But if we allow them their freedom, and don't try to fence them in, they may just keep coming back to us, like that little red stray that plays with my kitten every day. And who knows, maybe one day, they'll just stay.

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