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The Love Challenge - the love of the truth

The truth isn't always convenient. It isn't always easy to tell the truth to yourself, and it is not always easy to tell it to others, because it can carry consequences that lead to a loss of things you value, be it love, security, or income.

But in the end, the result, even when it includes pain and change and struggle, will likely be less pain, both for yourself and others, than holding on to a lie long-term, be it by pretending to be someone else than you are, or be it by protecting someone who shouldn't be protected, or be it by telling the truth to someone nobody ever tells the truth to - because just leaving is so much easier and safer.

It's not always about us and our security and convenience. Sometimes it is necessary for us to speak the truth for someone else to get the benefit. And sometimes, it doesn't just take one, sometimes it takes many voices until the truth is heard, but each one of these voices is important, and each one will eventually lead to healing.

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