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The Love Challenge - the love for inventions, creations, and technology

Love for technology, really? I hear you say. Well, try getting stuck for a day without your phone, like I was yesterday, it just wouldn't charge... and suddenly you realize how much easier life suddenly is with all the technology we have - until we don't.

22 years ago, I moved to America with some, but insufficient English skills, and it was a major, major stress. Something like finding a hardware store became a major task because the was no Googlemaps that told you where the next one was and when it closed, you had to look at an actual map while driving that didn't talk to you but lay all over your steering wheel - I drove like that through London 2 or 3 years later for a job, it's an experience - and there was no Google translate to explain to the vet, the social security office (to get a social security number to be able to legally work and pay tax here rather than through some cross-border construction), the dentist, or the tax adviser what you want.

Now I'm in Valencia, knowing much less Spanish than I knew English then, and these things hardly get my heart rate up, and usually even create a nice bonding experience.

I can't believe how grateful I am for these tools alone, never mind the internet where I can watch the video or find the information I need at an instant.

Technology can be abused, and it can be a cause of stress. There are other challenges. But used, and produced well, it can be an incredible blessing!

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