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The Love Challenge - loving strangers

The Love Challenge - loving strangers Another form of love that is incredibly beautiful is the love of strangers, people or creatures we don't even know, who can't benefit or hurt us, and as this story shows, this Form of love is clearly not limited to humans. It can be giving to a homeless person or someone on another continent, it can be helping the hungry cat who shows up in your holiday, who may or may not be someone else's lost pet, or rescuing an abandoned kitten or puppy. It can be helping someone you don't know after a disaster, or a kind word to a crying child on the way, or something as simple as showing a stranger the way. It can be understanding and not taking it personally when a stranger gets distressed and emotional, and it can be a happy smile to someone on the way. It can simply be assuming positive intent in every human and animal you meet. It can be helping a worm or a snail get to the grass on the other side of the road without being stepped on, or leaving out some water for the birds on a hot day. It can be helping a plant to grow to the light. It can be standing up to bullying even if the intended victim never knows. It can be small acts to help the planet that nobody ever sees. It can be so many things that nobody ever sees and you will never get thanked for, where the reward is in the giving itself. This story from yesterday is the perfect example of love for someone we don't even know - where one shares the love, security, and comfort they received with a stranger, knowing they will not have less because of it but more!

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