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The vision

Visions are interesting, living things. Sometimes, you think you have developed a vision for your life, your mission, and your relationships, but in reality, all you really developed was a vision to get you out of a cute pain. From far away that vision may have looked whole, and it may have given you the juice to get out of that pain to where you are comfortable enough to breathe again, but now when you look at your vision, it is full of holes, and not really a vision to live your life by at all. That doesn't necessarily mean it was or is a bad vision. It doesn't mean that you ran after a pipe dream. All it means is that you have to develop a new vision. Your old vision got you out of death, now you have to develop a vision of how to create your life. For a lot of people, that may simply mean fleshing out that vision. Just as in project management, you have a great overall plan, but each time you get to a milestone, you have to take stock again and see where you are now, what has changed, how you have to adjust the road forward, and what the details are. That takes work but is part of the process. For a few people may it mean dropping the old vision, seeing what the options are now, and adopting a totally new vision, but I wouldn't necessarily assume that, only because your old vision seems paper thin now - again, it may just need fleshing out, and that's the process of life. So don't ignore it if your vision looks a bit thin now - take a good look at what's missing, because that realization may just be able to propel you to the next level.

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