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The Love Challenge - loving God/Goddess/Gaia/Infinite Intelligence/a higher power

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

We are repeating here what we started on other channels - The Love Challenge - why not start the new year by showing each other every day in January how many different types of love there are around us every day, if we just notice them.

True, unconditional love is primarily about giving, not receiving, it is not a trade. It sounds like a hard pill to swallow when you are hungering to receive love, but it is actually beautiful - because when we give it, we also feel it, whether it is reciprocated or not, and sometimes it is returned from the most unexpected places.

So why not start with the one source that has shown us what unconditional love is like, the one source we can always come back to, our creator, whatever we call him or her, whether it is God in all his or her different names and paths, the universe, Gaia, infinite intelligence, the ultimate energy or whatever else we may call the source. It is always grace, and here the love we give will always come back to us multifold, and already has, in the air we breathe, the hearts that have allowed us to live, the love and joy we experienced through other people or animals or nature, in the gift of life.

We all have received something that we didn't work for, that was given for free, and it can be gone in the blink of an eye. Anybody who has experienced death knows how sudden it can be - one second the loved one is still breathing, the relationship is still moving, there may be pain, but there is still creation, the next second, it is gone. There is a finality in it that is hard to comprehend. Maybe, if we were lucky, we felt the soul pass, maybe we didn't. Maybe sometimes we did, and sometimes we didn't, and we wonder why. And yet, even if much has passed, we still hold so much of the beauty of life now.

This song is a beautiful thank you and expression of love to that very grace that holds us, no matter what, and if we join in, we also feel it - Amazing Grace - a beautiful Multi-National version I found online:

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