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The future of mobile working - pacific island?

Stress-free working environment

So, what do you do when you put all your eggs in two baskets, and then one basket gets destroyed in a tragedy, the other gets gambled away in a game? You learn from it. What is a tried and tested solution? Diversify, diversify, diversify. Quite easy with today's tech solutions, too, like another version of blockchain, just with people. It'll be an interesting transition.

I'm thinking tropical island, although a nice ranch somewhere would be nice, too, with lots of horses. It would certainly cut down on stress-related absences. In 2-3 years the satellite network will be seamless with 5G everywhere, so there's really no reason why you couldn't negotiate an ISDA from an island in the Pacific. Well, if ISDAs were still negotiated then. Snapshots of computers every minute show if the employee is really working - that's already happening in some places anyway - and I haven't worked on a single project or job in 10 years except one, where 95% of the contact with co-workers WASN'T over phone or email, because the relevant people for the job were either in another department or another country.

The BVI could be much more than a mailbox.

Own private island in the pacific?



Puerto Rico?

Of course, you could say "Paradise found, paradise lost", if people spread out even more, but if the riches people own some of the still existing, beautiful choral reefs, and actually live there and work from there (well, from the island in front of it), they may seek to protect their real estate, too. Not all of them may be able to see the intrinsic value or appreciate the beauty, but they will likely appreciate the monetary value and protect their investment. Maybe. After all, even cruel kings of the past built nice castles with beautiful gardens, and a choral reef is a garden that you don't even need a gardener for.

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