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New Blog locations!

As we do have a couple of new locations where we regularly publish blogs, we wanted you to know about them, so you can choose which blog you are most interested in!

Our blogs are mostly relating to two topics nowadays, although you will find the "odd-post", i.e. things that don't really fit but that we found funny or interesting, in both.

1) Business and win-win situations with nature -

Blogs in this profile will relate mostly to business - finance, banking, innovation, and most of all, how these relate to win-win situations with nature and the other creatures we share this planet with. Here we post business opportunities for investors quite regularly.

2) Creative pursuits, life coaching, and spirituality -

Blogs in this profile will relate mostly to "softer" pursuits, which may be fun, creative, and innovative, but which may also include some amazingly helpful tools from life coaching and spirituality, that can have a direct effect on business via the route of improving and enriching one's personal life.

These softer areas are oftentimes taken little into consideration by the business community, and yet, when the CEO is suddenly not effective anymore, the Senior Manager's ideas and motivations dry up, or there is a lot of conflict in the organization, it oftentimes has nothing to do with the actual business - it is a marriage that is falling apart, worry about the kids, dissatisfaction with an unfulfilled life, or a lack in other areas of the personal life that will affect the business performance and the relationships at work.

This is the blog that addresses some of these issues, but that also gives ideas from completely other industries that may spark ideas for innovation.

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