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How can we use change to create win-win situations?

We believe that at the source is a change in mindset, a change from seeing humans and animals and the natural environment as competitors for space and resources, to a realization that now is the time when there is a massive potential to create win-win situations.

This is where you can help us, if you want!

Most people have woken up to the fact that if we use our technical superiority to subdue the natural environment, we just hurt ourselves - everything is connected, and that's not just an airy theoretical concept, it's a fact - if we poison the environment, it poisons us right back. For example, even billionaires get mercury poisoning nowadays due to what we have poured into the ocean. On the other hand, companies start to explore the massive market opportunities that working in tune with the environment brings, e.g. innovation into new areas of business, like solar technologies, medical tests that can replace animal testing, and technologies to clean up the ocean, to marketing opportunities, using consumer's increased awareness about companies' records in sustainability, to cutting risks to avoid lawsuits in future due to actions taken now.

We believe in using our considerable experience with implementing change to support this development, therefore we are not only helping corporations find or create these win-win situations, but we are also creating a database or collection of any solution we come across on the way, be it in our own work, or in the media, or by suggestion by somebody else, because somebody in the future may benefit from it. We are interested not only in win-win situations between humans and the natural world that have an obvious commercial application, but any win-win situation that comes to mind, because you never know what could be used in future.

For example, we recently learned that humans would not be able to survive without cockroaches. Why? Because the way cockroaches digest their food means that dead material on the floor is converted into nutrients quicker, therefore more nutrients are available for trees, which in turn produce more oxygen - without flies and cockroaches, the planet would not be able to support all of us! Does this have an immediate commercial implication? Not one that I can think of right now, but for all I know, it may be invaluable information some time in the future.

So if you come across one of these win-win situations, please do feel free to send us an email to, and we will send you one of our e-books absolutely free and give you credit for the idea, if it is used in future!

Let's save the world together!

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