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What changes will bring us the greatest benefits in the long run,

personally, and in our companies?

How can you do the right thing AND get a great ROI for our company?

We believe that at the source is a change in mindset, a change from seeing humans and the natural world as competitors for space and resources, to a realization that now is the time when there is a massive potential to create win-win situations for both, your company and the environment, where 1 + 1 is not just 1.5 or 2, but 3, 5, 10 or 100. We believe we can find or create these win-win situations for you, and help you with the implementation. For more information, click 


At the same time, we believe in taking care of individual people,

which is what our new book and video series is about:

So you need a new job. Also called "Now what?!!"

30-50% of employees are forecast to lose their job in the next 3-5 years due to digitization, automation, and globalization, and a lot of these employees have never done any other job or profession before in their life, and are not used to working themselves into a new field after that first job, or have any strategy how to find that new job, career or mission.  We would like to help people find that, and have developed a system of how to get there, the video series can be ordered below.

For more information, click on the window below, or see our

free Introduction Webinar here!

The future can be exciting if we take care of it!

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"So you need a new job." - series

"So you need a new job." - series

"So you need a new job." - series
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Video 1 - Introduction 2023

Video 1 - Introduction 2023

Video 2 - Explore (Part 1)

Video 2 - Explore (Part 1)

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Video 3 - Explore (Part 2)

Video 3 - Explore (Part 2)

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Video 4 - Experiment

Video 4 - Experiment

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We also provide services for private individuals, such as 



to help you on your journey!

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Giving back has always been a part of the company philosophy  -

from now on, 10% of the net profits of the company  will go to charitable causes


We provide corporate services, such as


in-house seminars and workshops

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About us

We have over 10 years of past experience as consultants dealing with successful business change in large multi-national corporations, and over 20 years of experience with personal change. Our suggestions have been implemented by leaders in billion dollar industries, who have built on our solutions and benefited accordingly. Our solutions have increased efficiency and thereby increased companies' productivity, and they have led to a reduction of risk, so that risk could be identified before it materialized.


We also dealt with the implementation of necessary regulatory changes in large international corporations and helped triage where time pressures necessitated a quick fix before the permanent solution could be installed. Now we are dealing with even more important changes, changes that could have an impact on the lives of not only our children in the future but on every living thing on this planet. More information about us can be found here. More information about past corporate projects can be found here.


Change can be a challenge, but it can also be a great opportunity, an opportunity to innovate, excel and build a better and exciting future! We help transform employees mindsets, to create a culture of creativity, and if personal change can aid the process, we can help there as well!

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