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Video: How to become a camera person in an hour... - So you need a new job - series

Hi all,

The next video in the series, as promised!

An example of where you can get, just with a decision and a commitment - sometimes that is all it takes, if you also know the words "yes, and..."!

Of course, there is a catch to this (click on the video to see what I mean), but be that as it may, I am eternally grateful to the people in this video who gave me the opportunity to make these experiences - they may not have made a true professional camera person out of me, but they gave me a valuable lesson - the power of "yes", and how far you can get, how exciting life can be,

See you again on the next one!


(We apologize for the lights, which have gone a bit wonky on this one, so we'll need to re-shoot this at some point, but we wanted to share it for now anyway, so you've got the information!)

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