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The search for the next big goal

If you are at the stage in your life where you have lived your dreams, you have achieved everything you wanted in the human realm, in business, in finance, in your personal life, in terms of contribution, you may find yourself a bit empty, wondering what to do next? Everyone needs a worthwhile mission to pursue, but doing more of the same just in different ways may not do it for you anymore. Then why not transcend the human realm and use your influence to extend the good you have already done beyond it, and help our brothers and sisters from other species and the natural world - not just as a side goal but as the main mission? 

This may sound like something that isn't particularly exciting to you, like taking a step down in a way, becoming smaller, less significant, and that goes against everything you believe in - either you grow or you die, right? But is it really a step down?

People oftentimes think that we need to solve all the problems humanity has before we can take care of our "lesser" brethren.

Let's examine that for a moment.

Do you think that humanity's problems will ever disappear, or are meant to disappear? Even if you think this is a puzzle that can be solved, do you think humanity's problems can be solved by focusing on humanity alone and neglecting the wider framework humanity lives in?

What is the solution when a person stands before you and drowns in their problems and their depression? You get them to stop focusing on themselves and you get them to focus outwards and help others instead, and somehow the personal problems become smaller or get solved.

What do nations do when they drown in internal politics? They oftentimes focus outwards, so people inside unite and internal problems are solved. Using something negative to focus outwards ultimately backfires, so focusing outwards in a positive way by contributing is a much smarter and sustainable solution.

So, the goal of both strategies to solve internal problems, both for a person and a nation, is the same - the strategy is to focus outwards to solve the problems inside. 

Why would this be any different? "Humanity" is just a larger scale entity than a person or a nation.

What if we were to unite as humanity to contribute on a large scale, in every dimension, to help up and elevate out "lesser" brethren, and maybe in the process recover some of the beneficial attributes animals still have that we may have forgotten?

How much richer do you think the spiritual dimension could get?

How much happier would our children be?

How much richer would life be if win-win situations were found everywhere, and we would truly live together, rather than just use or tolerate? 

What higher goal could there be than to save the planet?

If you'd like to discuss how to achieve that, give us a call on 0800 980 4539!

We don't have all the answers, but we'll sure help you find them!


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