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The Love Challenge - the love for spring, for new beginnings

Don't you love it when the first flowers pop their head through the earth, you can see the flower buds growing on the tree in front of your window, and there is this feeling in the air of... expectancy...

Isn't this a bit early to talk about spring? Well, the thing is, that right before spring, it's the coldest and the darkest, and sometimes we can get lost in it and think we'll never get out. You've been working your behind off, looking for opportunities, looking for a way in, but every avenue you turn just ends up being a dead end. Or you wanted to finally get rid of those habits, those crutches, that hold you back, but every time something happens, you're right back where you started. It's in this time where hope has slowly faded to nothing when a lot of people give up and yet, it is the time just before dawn...

And suddenly, doors open. The sales tour you were so reluctant to go on produces its first sale before you even started. The administrative hurdles you were so reluctant to tackle end up being no obstacle at all, and you even find some really nice people in the process. The door you've kept knocking on for months with nobody ever answering suddenly opens and lets you in. And you finally find the will to throw away the crutches that you've been holding on to for so long, which seemed indispensable but really held you back. You may not be reaping the harvest yet - that's for autumn, but things are moving. And then the sun comes out again after all the rain....

Was winter a waste? Not if you used it. Preparation can be invaluable to get you ready for a time when you are out there and have not much time for research or figuring things out. And you may have grown closer to the people around you during a time when the external world wasn't that busy.

How fruitful your preparations during winter were will show itself in the coming months, but if you did your homework, trust yourself - and get ready to fly!

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