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Now is the time...

"You know, I had to succeed because I finally ran out of things that wouldn't work." (Thomas Edison is said to have said to Napoleon Hill) Maybe not a bad way to think when thinking about protecting the environment and stopping climate change. And maybe we are about to arrive at the thing that WILL work... Maybe a threshold has been reached... Maybe the conditions are finally right... Maybe now, there is PROFIT in it...💪💪💪👋👋👋 Maybe the richest in the world have already seen it and are already acting on it...👋👋👋🙏🙏💐 An opportunity is coming... Maybe there is a way to be part of the new gold rush and save the world at the same time...🥂🌎🏝️🌄🌈 What a legacy would that be....🔥🌈⏳🌏 An opportunity is coming...⌛

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