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New Podcast! From Employee to Entrepreneur!

This podcast, available here, is for two types of people, it is for

1) employees who want to become entrepreneurs and who want to avoid all the potholes I found, and

2) people who want to train employees to become entrepreneurs, who so far only trained people with an already entrepreneurial mindset

There are two reasons why more employees may want to become entrepreneurs in future:

1) jobs will be lost at a much greater velocity due to digitization, automatization, and globalization in future, and some people will have no choice but to strike out on their own, and

2) the life expenctancy is supposed to be 120 pretty soon. That means a lot of people will retire at 50, or 55, and then wait another 70 years to die...why not use this time to do what we always wanted to do, to fulfil our passion, to contribute to something truly good?

Sometimes, the vehicle for this passion still needs to be created, and that's where becoming an entrepreneur comes in. So, this podcast is being created to document my journey, so others can learn from it and cut out some of the mistakes I made, so they get there faster!

Maybe you'll even have a bit of fun, or the one or other aha! moment, listening to this, so enjoy!

For those who prefer videos, the video version is available here!

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