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Leave a future-proof legacy!

CEOs and entrepreneurs have a hard time nowadays to leave a legacy that is lasting. The life cycle of products becomes shorter and shorter, and once stable companies make way to nimble startups that make billions in a few years rather than decades. How do you leave a legacy, make your name mean something, leave a proud heritage for your family under those conditions? How do you even survive?

Much quoted Peter Drucker said that business is innovation and marketing.

What is innovation, how can you find something that is worth going after?

How do you make it last?

This is how you do it:

I'm sharing one of Tony Robbins' links, introducing his friend and business partner who may have found just the thing:

It used to be that only dreamers, apparently crazy people, and hippies with funny looking cloths and no power were concerned about the environment, like it seemed 30 years ago. It's not just a few high powered individuals who fight alone for change. Now, business people everywhere, including people in this video who sold companies for billions of dollars, Softbank, and massively influential people with connections everywhere, who are starting to see that in their search of where the next innovative product should come from, maybe the environmental movement isn't the enemy, the thing that gets in the way, but the fuel for new ideas! Change and innovation are just different sides of the same coin. It's not just good marketing to be able to tell an increasingly environmentally conscious audience that you are protecting the earth for their children, but if you are one of the first who finds something that works, you are also the one raking in the money with the innovation. It's not without precedent, and I'm not just talking about solar, it's happened in other industries as well. There is value in being one of the first, and this is one extraordinary opportunity on multiple levels!

And here's the kicker - even if your product doesn't last forever, if it is truly outstanding, it may be the one product that kicks off a development in an area that starts all the others - they may improve on your product, you may yourself improve on your product, but without this first product, it would never have started, so it will be remembered forever, and you will be the hero who saved the planet.

That's how you become immortal.

Can you do the same?

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