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G-10 Mastermind - who we are and who we are not!

"Is it safe to join the G10-Mastermind? You say you want to help us make a profit, but then you talk about fines and stuff..."

Yes! For those clients we are targeting, it is absolutely safe!

Everything said in the Mastermind is confidential, and anybody joining will have to sign Terms and Conditions saying so before being allowed into the Mastermind.

You do not have to have a perfect record to join, and there may still be things that should be improved. The important thing is the willingness to do so, and obviously, you are free to decide what you like to share. Unlike consultants, we do not come into your company, but you come to us, and whatever is discussed stays confidential.

So, who are we targeting as clients?

Research conducted in change projects in large companies has shown that the composition of people affected by a change tends to be roughly the same every time.

In the upper half, there are

  • a few mavericks at the top who make it happen, then

  • a few early adopters, and

  • roughly 33% of people who have a positive attitude to change once the early adopters have proven it works.

Below the mid-point, there is again

  • a large group of 33%.These will be against change (let's call them the "late adopters"), but who will eventually adapt to it once they see that what the top 50% are doing works for a time (and they may even be missing out!).

  • Then there is a group of 17% that is called "laggards". The laggards will be the people who will be against the change no matter what, and they will even try to sabotage it, no matter if it would be to their, or their company's benefit or not.

This composition tends to be the same in most cases.

We target the upper 50%, the early adopters specifically, but also the mavericks (who would be great to have for ideas and who may get some more good ideas out of it!), and the early-adopting majority. These are the people who will likely benefit from the Mastermind the most, but who will also likely bring most to the Mastermind that would be invaluable to others. In order for this to work, we need people with a positive attitude, because without it, ideas will not flow.

If you are a late adopter, feel free to dip into the free training, but the Mastermind will probably not be for you yet. One of the reasons why we offer a low-end Mastermind first is to determine the right fit for the group, and the higher end Mastermind versions, which are in-person or ongoing are by application, to make sure we achieve optimum results and progress rather than being bogged down by political discussions during the session.

If you are what they call "a laggard", and in this context that would be a Climate-change-denier, a plastic-in-the-ocean-denier (if there is such a thing), someone who insists that "the government made it all up", but also someone who wants to turn back the clock, or wants to keep all the good stuff for his own tribe only, or if you always find a reason that "this will never work", this Mastermind will not be for you. And yes, if you end up proudly declaring how you are breaking the law and dump oil and plastic and poison into the ocean, and HOW YOU ARE INTENDING TO KEEP DOING SO, then chances are the authorities will find out about it. We will have people in the Mastermind who really believe in this, and not for their own sake, but because they are protecting others, and they will likely do just that. So, it is better we part ways here. If one day you decide to change your thinking and you want to make amends and contribute positively to society, you are always welcome back, but until then, the G10-Mastermind will not serve you, and we wouldn't want to sell you anything that is not of benefit to you.

Also, if you think that this Mastermind is a great marketing opportunity, but you don't really want to change things for the better, but you just want to pretend to do so, this Mastermind is also not for you. This is a Mastermind for people who really DO want to make the world a better place, and at some point, we'd likely find out.

We believe it is better to be very transparent about this from the outset, as it is amazing what assumptions people sometimes make based on previous experience, or prejudice about someone's previous profession.

However, if you are in the top 50% and open to change, and you do want to make the world a better place and contribute, and improvise with other people, and the thought of this excites you, you are very welcome, and the G10-Mastermind is a place where we'll be very happy to have you, and where it is safe, whether you are perfect or not, because none of us are perfect! I certainly am not, and that's the whole point! If we were perfect already, we would not need a Mastermind to find new solutions and making a healthy profit while we're at it!

There has never been a better time to do the right thing AND be financially rewarded for it. The future can be bright if we make it so!

And we WILL make it so!

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