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We're almost there, we just have a
Very Special Offer for you!

6 Stratgies to love and protect your pets
without the constant feeling you need to apologize...

Title image of the pets course - how to love and care for your pets without having the feeling to constantly have to apologize for caring. It shows the cat owning director of the company, Petra Lohmeier, with a friendly French bulldog

Now, this is a course that we used to sell and that we really like, because it helped us a lot, but since there are so many people selling courses online now, all trying to convince you to give you money, and since we'd really like people to have this course to help them AND their animals, we decided to offer it for free and allow people to donate whatever they think the course is worth - and if it did not help you, you do not need to pay anything.

We will also not check up on you, if it helped you or not! So there is zero risk attached.

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