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6 Strategies to love and protect your pets
without the need to apologize for caring so much!

Many of us live in fear - not necessarily fear for ourselves, but fear for those we love - because they aren't humans. It is time to stop hiding and time to come out.

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Have you ever stood at the door and wondered if your cat would come home? And when somebody asked how you were doing, you just said “fine” because you didn’t want to show them how MUCH you were worrying?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because you had seen a dog who was abused or neglected, and you couldn’t sleep because you had no idea how to help him?

Have you ever been worried sick because you needed to move and you were afraid that your animals would not be hurt or welcome in the new place, or were you hesitant to go after a great new job or opportunity because you couldn’t bear the thought that it would harm your loved ones if you did?

But you didn’t tell anyone, because you didn’t want people to think of you as weak or silly?

Aren’t you tired of hiding?

Are you tired of being afraid?

Are you tired that nobody ever really understands?

Then this course is for you!

There is nothing wrong with caring for the ones we love deeply.


There is nothing wrong with loving those deeply who don’t happen to be human, starting with our pets, and continuing with the wild animals in front of our door or far away, or the plants and trees or all life. And there is nothing weak in showing that love, and it is TIME TO COME OUT.

It is time to stop hiding, it is time to show that we care.

There has never been a better time to show the world that you care!

There has never been a greater awareness that humans aren’t the only ones precious on this planet, and that when we humans want to survive, we need to understand that we are part of a greater whole and that this greater whole is worth protecting, and when you want to protect something, you need to start at home!

We know that, others know it in their heads, but the only difference between us and those who just talk about it is that we FEEL it, and these emotions aren’t a weakness, they are a total asset, and in this course, we show you some strategies of how to use this asset to best effect!

t is this ability that can give you strength and passion, and the willingness to see it through.

When I first came out of hiding, I was angry all the time, because it was the only thing I knew, the natural way to react. But you can’t influence people in a beneficial way if you are angry all the time. And at some point, it may backfire.

So, in order to exercise this love in an intelligent way, in a way that is non-violent, where we do NOT react with violence to the violence that we experience coming towards us and our loved ones, even when it is just emotional, we need TOOLS.

This course is about some of the tools you can use to head off aggression externally before it arises! It is about how you can prepare yourself and deal with your internal world to deal with what already happened and may still haunt you, but also to deal with what may come, so you are the best version of yourself and inspire the best behavior towards animals in others.


And did hiding really HELP?

Or did it just make you feel HELPLESS?


How about some strategies that make you FEEL less helpless and that ALSO work on the outside?

We have found some strategies that work, and we'd really like to share them with you!

We used to offer this course for sale for good money, but with the flood of courses out there now, we want to make sure you can get this course without risk and with no regret. So order it, go through it, and pay at the end what you thought it was worth!

Until the cost of this Web-site and the annual company fees are covered 50% will go towards these cost, and 50% will go towards the funds to save for the Win-Win Action Centre (WWAC). If the Win-Win Centre never sees the light of day, 100% of those funds earmarked for it will go to Wildlife Charities. As soon as all costs are covered, 100% will go towards the WWAC.

This is what you'll get:

  • Video 1 - Introduction

  • Video 2 - 1st external strategy - the Ghurka strategy

  • Video 3 - 1st internal strategy - stopping the internal need to apologize for caring

  • Video 4 - 2nd external strategy - standing your ground

  • Video 5 - 2nd internal strategy - dealing with fear & reversing energy

  • Video 6 - 3rd external strategy - leading by example

  • Video 7 - 3rd internal strategy - influencing with energy

  • Video 8 - Integration & thank you!




Bonus 1: Introduction to change management

Bonus 2: How NOT to travel with your cat (for cat lovers)

Bonus 3: Trailor of "the AOnne"


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