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Do you know how to surf the "wave of change"
in uncertain times?

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Short bio of the director and presenter Petra Lohmeier, who has had a varied career in several business sectors at the lowest and the highest levels - but one thing has been a constant throughout her life - her love for nature and her belief in win-win situations between nautre and humanitz

Even before the current crisis caused by the response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), 30-50% of employees were already forecast to lose their job in the next 3-5 years due to digitization, automation, and globalization. 


Have you been affected, too?


Will you be?


If so, are you prepared?


A lot of us will need to re-tool, but feel a bit lost because we've never done another job. How do you suddenly switch professions?

Some of us, on the other hand, have been cruising along nicely, but have never really been fulfilled by our job, and now, suddenly, we think it is enough. Enough of hating to get up in the morning on Monday, enough of wishing our lives away so it can be Friday, and there are suddenly professions opening that are interesting, and aligned with our goals.

Protecting the environment, for example, has suddenly become profitable.


But how do you work yourself into a completely new field? It's a bit late to go back to uni or college, just to compete with 20-year-olds when we are finished, isn't it? And would you really want to?


Have you ever been given a strategy on how to find that new job, career, or mission?


It doesn't tend to be something that employers are keen to teach, in the past they've always been quite keen to keep you where you are. 


So what are you doing now, are you just looking around here and there, hoping to luck out and find something interesting, or at least something that allows you and your family to survive?

Surviving isn't thriving.

We only have one life, and life is a gift.

How do you make that gift count?

How do you take all you learned in your life and contribute to something that you are really passionate about?


A monumental shift in career can be a stressful time, especially if we don't have any control. I know because I've been there, quite a bit more often than I wanted to be.


I know from experience what that uncertainty feels like.


And that uncertain feeling won't go away only because you've been there before, because every change is different, there are never any guarantees where you'll end up, so while I've had the privilege to go through this experience several times, due to unique circumstances outside my control, I am still not immune.


However, because I did go through this several times, I also found some tools every time that ended up helping me, and if there is this one thing that can make all the difference when embarking on that new journey, whether we chose it, or it was thrust upon us. That one thing can be the difference between failing, just surviving, or crushing it on the other end of the tunnel!

And because so many people are there now, and it helped me in the past, I'd like to share it, and I'd like to share it for free. If you want to learn more after that, there will be more available, but there is no obligation to do anything at the end - just take a look if this could help you! If not, maybe it will give you an idea what else to do.


Just fill in the short form below and click "submit" and you'll be taken straight to it!

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