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Jack had moved on, the cord was severed. All this was very well, but if being sucked into a vortex-like hole, and being dropped off on the other side without a parachute 20 metres above the tallest tree meant that your life flashed before your eyes, he would have wished to see a nicer, more exciting stretch of it. Like that moment when he saw that moon fish, or the wreck dive in Bali. Even one of his spectacular skiing accidents would have done, but he guessed he couldn't be picky while the trees were rushing towards him at one kilometer per second. 'Aaaargh...,' he heard himself scream while thinking...'


The AOnne, the net connecting all life. Thrilling adventure, heavy drama, colorful landscape, a dramatic transformation, a multitude of species, comic relief, and plenty of excitement meet serious thought. The four main characters are ripped from a slow and depressing time in their lives into a storm of events that might very well prove to be the last adventure of their lives. Will they be able to adapt in time?

The AOnne

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    3-hour business presentation



    How to find win-win situations between business and nature! Available in English or German

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    Strategy Session on Change Management

    Mindset and Culture

    Examples of profitable win-win solutions for businesses

    Complementary access to the G-10 Mastermind Video series