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The Radio - new series!

According to the school newspaper in High School, my English teacher used to call me "the radio".

That's because I couldn't stop chatting with my neighbours.

It was his fault, actually, although he probably didn't remember it, because about 7 years earlier, he, and the rest of the teachers had given me a "3" in behaviour, because I WASN'T talking to my neighbours and listening to them instead.

I never shut up afterwards, and I greatly enjoyed it.

Then, a few years ago, I started a "Love Challenge", with the aim of finding something to love every day for a month. It started as a bit of a rebellion, but it ended up being incredibly beneficial and healing - at least for me, and I hope for others, too.

I think it may be time again to become "the radio".

Don't worry, I'm not planning on exposing anyone's secrets, or things that may not be common knowledge about me that may be uncomfortable for other people, but instead, it may be interesting to explore the insight for the day - not just in writing, like I already do most days on LinkedIn, but on video (and this is where the radio analogy is broken...).

And maybe, that's also a way to stay in touch with and share with those I cannot physically be with.

Now, this is supposed to be an uplifting series, and yet, be aware that my "uplifting" may look different than yours - I find the truth, as I find it, oftentimes uplifting, because it lifts an obstacle, but not everybody sees it that way, and as always, the truth may be in the eye of the beholder.

Also - I won't look perfect every day. In fact, the days when I look perfect, across all media profiles, will be severely limited. Sometimes I will look like I am 80 years old without having aged well. Sometimes, I may not be wearing makeup. I may be on my jogging round and be flushed and shiny. Most of the time I'll prove why a turtle neck pullover can be so valuable unless I get the angle right. Certain colours may be off.

But you know what?

My looks is not what I want to impress you with.

It is what comes out of my mouth that I hope will interest people - if not in the present, then maybe in a few hundred centuries in the future, when they'll wonder how life was back then...

And, if you are lucky, what comes out of my mouth won't originate from me.

Let's see what happens.

This is my own 365-day social media challenge...

It starts on January 1st in our community "Nevelle" over at

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