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We provide a number of different coaching services:


  • Leadership Coaching             

  • Peak Performance Coaching   

  • Future Career Coaching

  • Life Coaching                       


Coaching has gained significantly in popularity in recent years, and for good reason - every professional athlete has a coach, most successful business leaders have coaches and mentors, so if this is something that is clearly valuable to high performers, who are already succeeding at the highest level, it is likely that it could be helpful for the rest of us, too.

Coaching is not therapy, instead, it is comparable with what a sports coach does - a coach helps the client clarify what he or she wants to achieve, helps draw a map how to get there, acts as a sounding board when obstacles are encountered, and motivates the client to stick with it, reminding the client why it was a goal in the first place when the going gets rough - as it occasionally does.

Almost all our coaching is phone or internet based, including small group coaching, which means clients do not have to travel to somebody's office, but can attend the coaching session from the comfort of their own home, their office, their private plane (if they are lucky enough to have one), or from their business trip. Clients can even dial in from their holiday, when they just really need somebody to talk to about that relationship that is all of a sudden getting really, really close with all that time spent together...all that is needed is a phone or an internet connection.


Leadership Coaching


A leadership coach can provide support while implementing changes in an organisation. It can oftentimes be useful to have someone to keep you, as the leader, on track and accountable when the going gets tough, or it can help to have someone to talk things through with, who has no stakes in the actual change you are making. Maybe you want to change something in yourself before you attempt to change the organisation - say, get fit and healthy to get more energy.

We can support you in those goals and provide a space to discuss anything that may come up during the process, personal or professional. How we show up during the change process is vitally important, as it will affect everybody else working on, or affected by, the change.

Peak Performance Coaching

Peak Performance Coaching is similar to Leadership coaching, but aimed at personal change as a focus, rather than change as a part of a change in business. It usually supports changes, though, that will lead to increased personal performance in the area of the client's choosing.

Life Coaching

Life coaching, rather than focusing just on peak performance, focuses on life style changes in general, tools to feel more happy and fulfilled, to achieve personal goals in all areas of life, be it family, or health, or fitness, work-life integration, relationships, or any other areas the client would like to focus on improving. It may also simply be a tool to clarify the client's vision for life, set goals, and obtain support to keep to the targets the client has set for him- or herself.

The difference between coaching and therapy

Coaching is not therapy, it is aimed at people who are already doing well and are ready to reach the next level or those who are generally healthy and just need a bit of support with one area of their life. During massive changes, one of the most challenging emotions that may surface is fear - or "stress", as achievers call fear according to one of the leading authorities on change. Everything that is done is new, there is no certainty that it will work, and issues can come up that nobody has planned for. In that situation, fear can be used as fuel, but it can also paralyze, lead to unnecessary conflicts and tunnel vision, and it can express itself in various indirect ways.

This is where a coach can help, simply by providing an outside perspective and an outlet to deal with these emotions in a controlled environment, where it will not impact the change itself in a negative way.


Sometimes, it would be felt not be appropriate for e.g. a leader of a family or business to express stress or fear directly in the company or the family, as it would destabilize the company or scare the children. In these cases, coaching can provide a sounding board, where the leader can clarify his or her own thoughts, get new perspectives, and become aware of, and move past or transform their own emotions, to then not only be able to help others do the same, but to reach the creative side of themselves, which may easily solve the problem.

Sometimes, of course, coaching can bring unresolved issues to light. There may be an underlying reason, for example, why a person holds on to that weight, although they are doing lots of exercise and seem to be eating all the right things. Coaches are not therapists, just a football coach is no physiotherapist, so when that happens, we will assess in how far we can help, and in how far we would recommend for additional help to be consulted, but we will only make a recommendation - it is up to the client to decide on how to proceed, and all sessions are handled confidentially. We have techniques that help make changes going forward, and we are also happy to work in conjunction with a therapist on those adjacent matters that can be comfortably handled by coaching. We will not replace the therapist, but we can oftentimes help with follow-through.


Sometimes coaching can also help identify that one small change that​ gets the ball rolling, unravels the tight ball of restriction and limitations, sets off the avalanche that moves obstacles out of the way, and cracks open the door to possibilities​.

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Success stories:

- Weight loss success from 15-42 lb

- Successful job changes resulting in

  substantially increased income

- business innovation and

  increased efficiency

- effective crisis management

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