Our team


Our staff has been successfully involved in providing business-oriented solutions for large international corporations that needed to change rapidly. In addition, we have a background in creative projects, as well as social and charitable endeavors.


So why are the latter two important? All 3 areas of work - business, charity, and the arts - have little in common, right?


How do skills acquired in creative and charitable projects benefit business, for example, in a legal context?

Imagine you had a highly qualified lawyer with many years of experience working for large corporations managing your change project, negotiating your contracts, and advising your business, credit and operations departments, who also has the flexibility and creative problem solving capabilities of a creative professional, the empathy of a charity worker to understand your client's needs and sensibilities, and the ability to adjust the communication style to an international audience, when needed. And on top of that, this lawyer also has some experience with digitization, databases, and creating processes from scratch with IT, all from previous successful projects.


Change looks effortless and easy when it works, but the creativity, flexibility and constant little adjustments needed to succeed oftentimes go unnoticed. It is more an art than a science - just using what has always been done will soon get your people into trouble. It is part of the art of improvisation, which needs practice and experience in order to work. We can deal with the flexible, fluid part of change until it is solidified and stable enough for the BAU functions to take over and built the BAU structure around it.

How does having worked for charities help the business?

It's nice, but isn't it rather an extracurricular activity?


It can be, it can simply be a part of contributing to society and providing a work-life balance. Then again, one thing Charities are masters in is maximizing resources - because they have to be. Charities will often find ways to do things that large corporations never thought of in the past. However, given the economic circumstances, we are in nowadays, even large corporations cannot afford to waste any money anymore, and with our experience in the charity sector, we may well be able to identify opportunities to become more efficient that big corporations may overlook. And most important of all, it is the charities who have the expertize to provide you with the innovative win-win solution you seek, because they have been at the forefront of the expert knowledge necessary to come up with them for decades!

It used to be that corporations and charities would be on opposite sides of the spectrum of society with little to bridge the gap. Now it is exactly this different orientation that allows the synthesis that creates win-win solutions that neither side could come up with by itself - and we aim to be the ones providing that bridge!