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We would not be very good at change if we were not willing to change ourselves! This year, the company has made the decision to change direction, and end our focus on the financial sector alone. As proud as we are of some of the beneficial change we were involved in, believing and hoping that it had a beneficial, stabilizing effect on society as a whole, and as profitable as it was and still could be for the company, we believe that the skills we accumulated on the journey are of most use in those areas that we most believe in, and that it is time for us to pass on what we learned. Therefore, we will put our main focus for the expansion on beneficial environmental change, finding or creating win-win solutions between corporations and the natural environment, while continuing our commitment to support charities with the same aim. One of our recent additions is the G10 Mastermind, which aims to find solutions that are not only beneficial for both humans and the natural environment but which also makes those implementing these solutions a healthy profit. For more information click here.


At the same time, we believe in taking care of individual people, so we are expanding our education, training and coaching projects, which is what our new book and Video series is about - 30-50% of employees are forecast to lose their job in the next 3-5 years due to digitization, automation, and globalization, and a lot of these employees have never done any other job or profession before in their life, and are not used to working themselves into a new field after that first job, or have any strategy how to find that new job, career or mission.  We would like to help people find that, and have developed a system of how to get there. For more information, click here.


The future can be exciting, and we plan to be a part of it! To celebrate our new direction, we also changed the way we are recognized in the market. "Nevelle" has a special meaning for us, look out for our new blog!

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