Our competitive advantage

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1) Our staff has extensive positive experience with change - building on success

We have done both, worked in a BAU environment, so we do understand how BAU environments work, and we have worked extensively in cross-departmental change projects which affected staff across the globe. Change can also be found extensively in the personal lives of our senior change managers. We are not asking anybody to do anything that we have not done before, and we do know the challenges that regularly come up.


2) We are willing to make our hands dirty

Not that we would accuse you of having a dirty environment...what we means is that even our senior managers are happy to go into a junior environment for a couple of months to learn the ropes and learn how the system you want to change works - it is the best way to pick up information about work-arounds and systems issues that never make it up to the senior management staff, but which can have a serious impact on efficiency and risk.

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3) We provide additional educational services

Change has a psychological impact on employees and other staff. We can provide educational seminars on how to deal with change, what kind of reactions and challenges are expected, and help the culture and mindsets adapt on all levels before the change has even started. A guide as to why this may be necessary, especially for radical changes, can be found here.

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4) We also provide coaching for individuals

Maybe your managers would benefit from someone who keeps them on target, or someone external to the organisation to bounce ideas off of, or some may simply want to increase their energy for the change? Maybe employees need some help re-tooling, especially if they previously did the same job for 10, 20, 30 years? We have trained and certified coaches who can help your staff manage through the change, find the possibility in the change, both for themselves and the organisation, and maximize their performance.

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5) We have experience in a wide variety of environments

Our staff is well qualified and has in-depth knowledge in some fields, but we also have a broad amount of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of industries, from investment banking, to entertainment and creative professions, to hospitality, to animal rescue and care, to governmental agencies, to charitable work, to work for the army. This means that to triage or think out of the box comes natural to us, as there is a natural tendency to cross-pollinate.

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6) Our connections

We have have relationships, connections to and/or strategic partnerships with organisations at the top of their industries, and in the forefront of change, be it digital technology, legal change technology, AI, robotics, VR, or advances in the health field - we can either provide staff directly through our partnerships, or introduce you, or point you in the right direction, if you are looking to speak to an organisation that is at the top of their field.

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7) We truly care AND we are effective!

We, that is our staff, have proven that we care for the environment and charitable causes for almost 40 years, long before this company existed and it became fashionable for corporations to advertise with charitable causes. We are truly dedicated to finding a win-win solution for all because it is not just business, but it is important to us, and it is our life's mission. At the same time, we do understand business as well and have proven our effectiveness in the toughest environments - therefore you will get an unparalleled service from day one!